Sunday, March 20, 2016

My year of change

It's been awhile since I have last written and it is not for a lack of material.  For the first time in a few years I have felt more focused than I have ever felt.  When 2016 started I knew that it would difference and so far it has.

I'm focused man!  Yes that's right.  At the beginning of the year I made a list of goals.  I have yet to look back at said goals.  However, there have been two main objectives so far.  The first is to get my finances in order.  And the second has been to focus more on my relationship with God.  Since I made those two goals my priority, everything else has fallen into place.

I have been working like crazy.  Long days, long weeks, long months.  I have been working while still making sure my mom gets to all of her doctors appointments.  I have been working while having a few job interviews.  And with all of this I am happy to announce that my mom and I will be moving out into our own apartment in May!  It isn't fancy.  But it will be our own.  I am excited.  I think my mom is a little scared and a little sad.  She keeps telling me that she should be taking care of me and not the other way around.  And here I am wishing that we could live in the lap of luxury when we are living in a place that mostly completes both of our needs.  No, I haven't figured out every worst case scenario.  But I trust that God will help me as I go along because I am doing the right thing by him by honoring my mother.

So that brings to the man upstairs.  This year I decided that my focus has to be on God.  Mom and I have started to go to a women's bible study once a month.  I have been praying more than I ever have before. I have made it a priority to do more community service.  My friends and I created a volunteer club where we volunteer together once a month.  And yes I still have a long road ahead of me in my spiritual walk but I know that I am getting there. I truly believe that by making God my priority that my blessings have been flowing.

I know this isn't my most thought provoking post.  That's ok. There will be more time for that.  Today is just the goal is just to give you an update and to show you how blessed I feel right now.  I pray that it continues.

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