Saturday, November 23, 2013

Progress Update

Good morning ladies and gents!  Shortly I will be off for a day of fun with mom, but before I left I wanted to leave you with a mini-post.  Hopefully I will have the time and ability to write another post later this weekend.

So the update is that I have been sticking to my goals health goals.  Despite working crazy hours and getting not enough sleep I have been working out at least 3-4 times a week and sticking to my calorie allotment.  I am definitely seeing the results and I feel great!  I know I have a long way to go, but with every pound that I drop and every old piece of clothing that I can wear again I know I am one step closer to achieving my goals.

I promised myself that this will be the LAST time that I attempt to drop this weight.  Not because if it doesn't work I am giving up.  No because this time I am going to see it through to the end.  Thank you all for your support and encouragement!  Maybe I will inspire you to do the same...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I am Fabulous and I Am Not Apologizing

I just came from seeing the movie The Best Man Holiday.  Don't worry no spoilers here!  I will say that I highly recommend it.  It is the kind of movie that leaves you feeling kind of warm and fuzzy at the end.  And the movie also address many issues that resonated with me and probably resonate with others as well.

On the drive home I started to drift into many thoughts.  I was thinking about how blessed I am for the friends I have.  I was thinking that I would love to look as fine as Nia Long is today at 40 while I am 32.  I was even engulfed in not so PG-13 rated thoughts of Morris Chestnut and his often shirtless chest.  

While all of this was going on, the song "If You Want Me To Stay" by Sly and The Family stay came over my iTunes playlist.  It was funny that I didn't even remember adding it, but it was one of those songs that my dad used to play while I was a kid and to this day it reminds me of him.  Suddenly, the thoughts of my father seemed overwhelming.  I thought about how I wished he was around.  I wondered if he is looking down on me.  I guessed whether he would be surprised that I am an attorney or if he would be glad.  I wondered if he would be disappointed that I haven't done more.  Or maybe he would feel guilty for leaving mom and I alone, without him.  But the biggest question is whether he would like this woman who I have become.  But who am I?

I am fabulous.  I am fabulous.  I had to say it twice, because that is how much I believe it.  It took me a long time to get to that conclusion, but now I have it, I will NEVER let it go.  I am beautiful, I am intelligent, I am hilarious, I am caring, I am faithful, I am affectionate, I am appreciative, I am real, I am honest, i am blunt, I am strong, I am loyal, I am thoughtful, I am a motivator, I am hopeful, I am broke, I am persistent, I am a lover, I am stubborn, I am loud, I am giving, I am passionate, I am moody, I am plus-sized and I will eat a damn cookie if I want to, I am a dreamer, I am a fighter, I am so much more in this beautifully wrapped God-created package called me.  I am fabulous, and I am not going to apologize for thinking so.

You know what else I am not going to apologize about?  I am not going to apologize for wanting a man who is equally as fabulous as me.  I am not going to apologize for wanting a man who will realize just how fabulous I am and who will remind me of it everyday.  I need a man who will understand everything that I have been through and everything that is yet to come.  I refuse to apologize for wanting a partner with dreams and goals and who strives to accomplish them, no matter what hurdles are put in his path.  I will not apologize for dreaming of a man who will open my door, watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta with me, rub my back, and then run my bath water without asking for anything in return.  I won't apologizing for wanting a man who takes care of his mother, sisters, and kids because that shows me that he can take care of me.  I am not apologizing for considering myself a black feminist but at the same time wanting to cater to my man's every needs.

So that's it basically.  Fabulous seeking fabulous.  Any takers?