Sunday, October 21, 2012

Giving back

When I went to law school I wanted to be Angela Davis, except not get arrested.  I had visions of helping the community, the black community.  While I was in school a lot of people thought that I was crazy.  Or more often times than not many felt as if they wanted to work for a few years and then they could focus more on giving back.  The truth is there are so many ways to give.   You can give money or you can give you time.  You give a little or you can give a lot, but the truth is you need to do something, and waiting is not the answer.  Why give?  Because before us someone did something to help us out, so we would have a better life.

However, what is your disposition when you give?  Do you give because you like doing it or because you think it is the right thing to do but you are not really into it?  God cares about your disposition and where your heart is.  You should be giving because you love God, not because you believe it is a chore.

I have been thinking a lot about disposition lately.  I have some friends who sometimes seem to have the biggest hearts but at the same time can be the most judgmental people that I know.  It seems like they are living a parallel life.  How can you care so much about giving back to the community and serving others yet your attitude is one of judgment and believing yourself to be better than others?  Can you help others while your nose is turned up at the people around you?  I am sure that they don't even realize this dichotomy in themselves.  Is it  even worth pointing out?  Probably not.

During my unemployment stretch I have learned a serious lesson in humility.  And many times when I volunteer or see people on the street I think I could literally be where they are.  We all think we know everyone's story, but we don't.  You never know what situations that you might come across.  One day you  might be that person that needs help....

I still want to be Angela Davis, but in a different capacity.  I have grown and I know that giving manifests in many different ways.  I also feel that I am better equipped to help others having had my own struggles.  I thank God for allowing me for my own experiences to allow me to be able to give back to others with a renewed perspective in tact.

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