Monday, May 27, 2013

Sex Symbol?

I have an issue and I am wondering if anyone else has this problem.  Somehow, almost overnight I have turned into a sex symbol.  Ok, ok, don't choke.  I am being serious though.  Let me explain.

So as you recall I am single.  My friends and I go out once and awhile to bar or lounge type of establishments.  Me being the most going of the group I am always certain to strike up a conversation with at least one stranger during the course of the night.  But recently I have noticed a disturbing trend, it seems like many of the men I talk to are interested in having sex with me and feel free to tell me this.

This trend asking me some questions.  One, am I oozing in sex appeal?  I mean I think I am fly, but I don't think anything really shouts out sex about me.  I tend to be a pretty conservative dresser especially as I am getting older.  While I have the ability to talk dirty, I tend to not do that with complete strangers!  Two, are guys getting bolder?  Maybe guys thinks it is ok for them to proposition me.  I mean if this has happened to me on multiple occasions maybe it usually works for them.  And as much as it is unnerving I do appreciate someone telling me upfront where their intentions are rather than have a few dates and waste our time.  I also guess that maybe it is a compliment to me that they find me attractive?  But it is also an anti-compliment when a guy does not offer me any respect when they see me as just some woman to have sex with and not a person that they could get to know on a non-physical level.

So does this happen to anyone else?  Or is it just me?  I am starting to lose hope.  Are there single guys out there who might like to date me and treat me with respect in the process?  Let me know!

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