Saturday, June 8, 2013

Online loving

Last week I decided to give online dating another temporary chance.  I figured it couldn't hurt to try for a week or so.  I re-opened my account on OkCupid and this time I also am trying Plenty of Fish.  The results have been interesting.

OkCupid has yielded very little responses.  However, on POF the responses have been overwhelming.  I have so many messages it is hard for me to keep up.  It is also hard for me to widdle down the pack because  for every time I respond to a message I am getting new people contacting me in return.  I am not saying this to brag, I am just amazed.

The quality of men is also interesting.  The age, level of education, and looks of the men have varied.  In fact in an effort to prevent some guys from contacting me I have the following profile:

For those of you who might not want to read all the way through here is a brief summary:

I think that I am awesome.  I am beautiful, smart, and compassionate.  I also try to be fairly straight forward.  I have high expectations for myself, and therefore high expectations of my circle of friends.  This being said, I know that college is not for everyone so that is not a big deal for me.  However, you must be able to keep up a conversation with me.  This means if you are going to send me a message please use complete sentences and correct grammar.  I am not saying that I am English major, but it is a major turn off for me (and many other women) when I see these errors.

Also, please do not BS me.  If you are just looking for a good time girl I am not your woman.  Yes, I like to have fun but I am not looking for some sort of intimate encounter.  Also on that note, I don't appreciate lying.  We are all adults right?  Let's treat each other respect.  Just be open and honest and I will do the same.

Finally,  NO I am not a man hater.  I love men.  I have many male friends who I think are great people.  I am looking for some other great men out there and I know you are out there.  Trust me there are good, genuine woman out there because I am one of them, you just have to get past my feisty exterior ;)

*** Update I actually scraped all of this earlier today.  I decided to just go for a simpler approach and see what happens.

Even with this profile, I still get those men who abbreviate each word and use no punctuation.  Also which I find more disturbing, I have seen more than one guy who spell their own professions incorrectly.  I mean if you are a paramedic I think that you should know who to spell it right?

And then you get those guys who hit you up looking for no commitment and casual dating.  I don't even know why they bother with me.  In fact I don't know why they bother in general.  I wonder how many women are actually ok with that.  My friend thinks that there is a communication issue between women and men.  She thinks that men sometimes say one thing and mean another and don't see it as a problem.  I don't know if I agree.

I went on my first date last week.  We talked on the phone a few times and texted.  We met at Starbucks.  He seemed like a nice guy with an interesting background.  All was good until I saw his teeth.  It looked like he had popcorn stuck in his teeth from 1999.  After I noticed that I knew that it would never be lol.

But I have some other prospects so I shall keep you posted.  In the very least I am sure I will have some funny stories.

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