Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Online Convos

I opened my re-experiment on online dating a few weeks ago.  I am ready to give up again.

My first date the guy was nice, however, it looked like he had never flossed, ever.  The second guy was nice, kinda cute, but was so into watching the NBA finals game that he could have went out by himself.  I had a date scheduled last week, never heard back from the guy.  Then I had another date last week.  It started off promising. The guy seemed nice.  We went to the movies , not the best first date but seeing the Man of Steel on opening day was fun.  All was good until he found out he had to drive to Virginia to help his cousin move.  The dude was so mad that he barely said good bye.  I have one more prospect.  Not sure that it is going well.

Before I shut down my online dating again, I want to leave you with some of the best of the worst messages I have received.  Enjoy.

Him:  Hi how are you? I just wanted to know if I may borrow some of your time to talk with you with the hopes of getting to know you better? So if you're interested I hope to hear from you soon. Til then take care.

Me:  I'm good how are you. You know you can't borrow time. How are you going to give it back to me lol. It like borrowing a tissue

Him: Well see with time is like everything else. What you borrow you return in an equal quantity from a different source in this case just as you would with a tissue. It's more like a loan LOL.

Me:  You know a loan is the same as borrowing...

Person Number 2:  Howw yew feell aboutt thee samee signn I'm ann august 31 virgo

Person Number 3: I have had a few family issues with my cousin. I have trying to save him from going to jail.
Oh yeah. He has the nastiest attitude next to mine when he's angry about something. He went to bike week, and someone tried to break in his house. It's one of his neighbors.
So since they are watching him. The plan is to make it seem as if he's going back out of town to set there ass up. Together not to make it seem like a ba
d ass, but it is what it is. We aren't the type of guys to mess with real simple!
It's ok. We been a team for a long time, and I need him

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