Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lonely Times

This week marks four months of no communication with my ex.  Before you roll yours eyes or you think in your head "get over it already" let me explain.  This blog is a way for me to put my thoughts to "paper".  Some of my readers have praised me for my transparency, so I don't feel that it would be fair if I didn't talk about it.

With that being said I still think about my ex.  Actually in all honesty I have been thinking about all of my exs/guys that I have dated.  I think it is a natural reaction to being lonely.  I go on a few dates here and there.  I meet new people sometimes.  But really it is not the same as having that intimacy that you have with someone that you have gotten to know over time and have found a real connection.

The good memories, the inside jokes, the places we have been together.  The other day I ran very hard into my bedroom door.  For the record I was completely sober and not even sleepy, just clumsy.  This is a story that I normally would have loved to share with my ex.  He knew all too well my level of klutziness and never failed to bring it up.  There are just times when I want to share things and I have no means.

Don't worry my dear readers, I am not about to contact my ex.  Even though it can be hard sometimes to not talk to the person who I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with, I feel better.  Day by day I realize I did what I had to do.  Although it is hard it does get easier for me to realize that he wasn't the one for me and I deserve to be happy.  No amount of happy memories can replace the hurt and disappointment I felt.  I might be lonely now but I won't be forever :)

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  1. It's suggested that it usually takes a person half of the time you were with someone to move on and be at peace with the separation. Of course, through cathartic outlets such as this you will probably move on quicker. It's great that you're getting your true emotions and that energy out of you versus bottling it up! -c


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