Monday, October 14, 2013

Dear Congress

Dear Congress:

I meant to write this letter to you 14 days ago, but I decided to furlough the letter until now.  Congress, let me tell you, you are not doing a good job.  The government shutdown was a terrible idea.  You have directly put the lives of hundreds of thousands of people's lives in jeopardy.  These are hard working people who depend on their bi-weekly checks to feed themselves and their families.  Not to mention the indirect results of the shutdown.  People cannot go to national parks around the country which in turn hurts the economy when we are already in a precarious situation.  The longer this goes on programs aimed at helping women and children will have to shutdown because of lack of funds.  Businesses are hindered because they cannot call the government to do even routine aspects of their jobs.  I am scared to eat foreign seafood because it is not being regulated.  Not to mention the DC government is about to shutdown itself, which really sucks for them because they don't even have the power to vote you out of office!

So I ask you Congress what is the purpose of the shutdown?  You are opposing the implementation of a legislation that was already passed and vetted by the Supreme Court?  In fact, not only are you in opposition to legislation, but legislation that has already become a law!  Some of you may want to watch "The School House Rocks" Episode of How a Bill becomes a law (I have hyperlinked it for you just in case you don't know how to use YouTube).  And honestly Congressmen you do know that when you are win an election there will be another one later?  Did you think that costing the country millions of dollars is the key to winning your seat for another term?  Which one of these questions is the most accurate:  Do you hate seeing people taking care of their health?  Do you hate the Affordable Care Act because you didn't think of it?  Or do you just hate President Obama so much that you would ruin the whole country as a result?  If you answered yes to any of these the country headed for a much deeper whole than we can imagine.

To me and many other people in this country you seem to appear very nonchalant about this whole situation.  Perhaps it is because you don't live check to check like the 99% of us do?  I bet none of you will have to pick up a part time retail job to cover the bills, right?  I hope that when the shutdown ceases you donate your own two weeks of salary as a penance for your misdeeds.  I am sure you will not  however, because your behavior has shown that you clearly care about no one but yourself.

In closing, Congress, I ask that you settle this shutdown and also the debt ceiling because I am not sure if I can stomach the thought of doing this again every few weeks.  One of my Facebook friends so astutely pointed out a few weeks ago that if the Government were a business the boss would clean house.  And when it happens, don't say that I didn't warn you.

With Much Frustration,

Di Mo

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