Monday, October 7, 2013

The Death of Rom Coms

Over the weekend I took my mother to see the movie Baggage Claim.  Baggage Claim is a romantic comedy (rom com) which just happens to feature and almost all black cast.  In this movie, the protagonist was a 30 something year woman who was tired of being a bridesmaid and was determined to bring her potential soul-mate to her little sister's upcoming nuptials.  The movie was pretty predictable and followed that usual rom com formula (don't worry no spoilers here).  But at the end I ended up wish rom coms would be dead just like the N word, auto tune, and twerking.

I sat in that theater not happy but annoyed.  I am all for feel good stories, but rom coms I think I am done with them.  I am tired of seeing these hopelessly romantic women look for Mr. Right, have some type of low point, followed by a fairy tail ending.  I guess the problem is not the movie itself, but the unrealistic expectations that women have as a result of these movies.  

I am not saying that I am immune.  I want a husband, I don't necessarily want 2.5 kids and a dog, but I am looking for a companion.  In my head I still feel like there is someone out there for everyone who wants someone. But as I get older I realize I might not have that great story to tell people about how I met my husband.  In fact, I might not even have a husband.  And if I do finally have one, I don't think he is going to be the guy "right under my nose".

And then there is a little bit of irony about the whole rom com generation we have become.  We want some guy to sweep us off our feet, to take us on a carriage ride through the city, and to open all of our doors.  The reality is that much of us settle for much less.  Maybe sometimes we are so happy to have company that we don't even realize that the person who we spend our time with us not even a real companion.  We theoretically set our aspirations high planning our weddings and our children and future, yet we let men treat us any which way in the present.  How does this fit in with a fairy tale ending?

So until further notice I am calling a boycott of rom coms.  Death to the rom com, at least until The Best Man Holiday comes out. lol

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