Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Goal's 2013

So resolutions are usually a bad thing right?  We all start off with good intentions and by the end of two weeks we are made at ourselves and have given up on everything we said that we were going to do.  Last year I did a vision board and wrote down some resolutions.  I kept it hanging on my wall all day.  I accomplished about half of these goals, I am pretty happy with that.  I mean whoever finishes everything on their list?  So this year I decided that I would again write down some goals and post them on the wall.  In fact maybe this year I will do a recap every few months to see how I have progressed in my goals.

Without further delay here are my New Year's Goals for 2013.  I have broken them down into various categories (the mind of an attorney):

1.  Lose one pound per week
2.  Exercise at least three time a week
3.  Drink more  water
4.  Give up soda
5.  Try doing a cleanse

1.  Be Happy!
2.  Do something to de-stress once a month
3.  Focus more on myself.  Don't go around trying to fix everyone else's problems, especially when they don't want help
4.  Try something new once a month
5.  Continue writing in blog
6.  Start writing poetry again
7.  Do more things alone
8.  Say "No" more often
9.  Get away more often!

1.  Fall in love by the end of the year
2.  Love myself unconditionally
3.  Don't go back to the past
4.  Forgive and move on
5.  Don't walk on eggshells for anyone

1.  Read the whole bible by 2014
2.  Volunteer more with church
3.  Pray more
4.  Work on my relationship with God

1.  Get a full time job
2.  Quit part-time job
3.  REALY look into pro bono work
4.  Get involved with organizations that I am passionate about
5.  Join more professional organizations
6.  Do more networking

1.  De-clutter room
2.  Continue to save money
3.  Continue to become a better person each day
4.  Figure out how to balance the relationship between my mom and
5.  Keep doing what is right because it is the right thing to do
6.  Expand my vocabulary

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