Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mr. Basketball

A few weeks ago I went out on a date with a guy who I will name Mr. Basketball.  Before I talk about the date, let me rewind first.  Mr. Basketball and I met online.  On paper he looked decent.  He is 6'10" (former college basketball player), a few years younger than me, has his own business, and has full custody of his three year old daughter.  Our conversations were enjoyable and he called me promptly at 6:10 as I had asked.  Before you say anything I know that 6:10 is an odd time, but I get off at 6 so I know I will be in the car by 6:10.  He told me this inspirational story about how he almost died and how he came back with a renewed appreciation for life.  I was thinking that he could be a keeper.

So we decided to go out on Saturday night.  Saturday 5:00 pm rolls around I still have no idea where we are going or what time.  That is a big pet peeve.  I believe that if a man asks a girl out that he should plan the date.  Now, I am not one of those girls who has to go to a four star restaurant.  In fact, I believe that you do not have a to spend a lot of money for a date to have a good time.  What I care about is that you put some effort into thinking about me.   I think that it is just inconsiderate to leave someone hanging with plans.  It ended up being me who ultimately planned what we did.  I was none to pleased (especially since I had just bought a new outfit and I didn't want to waste it).  With that being said, Mr. Basketball is not a planner.  That is something that I had to subtly point out to him during the date.  

Anyway, our 7:00 date turned into an 8:00 date at a restaurant.  He is a cute guy in person.  When we sat down at the restaurant I immediately noticed his numerous visible tattoos.  I don't think that this bothered me as much as him expecting some kind of reaction out of me.  (This was the basis for my "I am not my degree post").

So the conversation went pretty well and I had a good time.  The only major red flag for me is when we talked about relationships.  I said that I was ready for a relationship.  When I asked him the same he said yes and no.  My mind immediately felt like that ticker tape that scrolls at the bottom of the screen.  In stead of sentences it it just had the words RUN on repeat.  His explanation was honesty.  He said that he wanted more time to get to where he wanted to be and so that when he was in a relationship he could devote 100% of his time to it.  I think that was a very noble idea, but also somewhat naive.  I am not sure that we ever get to where we want to be in life.  And by the time it happens it might be too late.  But we kept talking.  The evening was enjoyable and we ended up parting ways on a good note.

Now, things kind of faded after that.  The next day I felt like he didn't seem as interested.  And that increased each day.  Finally he stopped returning my calls and text messages something where I had told him our date was my biggest pet peeve.  So I deleted his number.  I am a deleter what can I say.

All was well until he called me by accident on Friday.  I know it was by accident because he hung up before it barely rang.  So that is when I went a little bit crazy (blame PMS), and I texted him and told him that if he deleted my number he wouldn't accidentally call me.  He said smh, ok.  And I haven't heard from him since.  Yes, I know it seemed a little dramatic.  But I figured let's just call a spade a spade.  It wasn't going to go anywhere, and I for sure would be pissed if he kept calling me by accident if he can't even return my damn phone calls when I mean to call him.  *breathe*

Needless to say, Mr. Basketball is Mr. Dunzo :)  I am not doing very well with this dating thing huh?

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  1. LMBOOOO! This made my night cuzzo, hilarious! The dating adventures start again!!!!


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