Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Rise of the Mitches

Mitches.   My cousin just said it is an epidemic.  I tend to agree.  What is a mitch you ask?  Kevin Hart says that a mitch is a, "male version of a bitch."  To me a mitch, is a guy who is passive aggressive and acts like a girl instead of a grown ass man.  Unfortunately for my cousin and I we have dated our fair share of mitches have you?

Where did all the mitches come from?  I am not sure.  Was it Drake's fault for rapping all of those sensitive lyrics?  No, I think that mitches have been around longer than that.  I think that maybe in the last few years they have been gaining popularity.  Maybe we have Keith Sweat, Johnny Gill, and Ralph Trevesant to blame.  I mean wasn't Ralph the one who sang the song Sensitivity? 

What is an example of mitch?  Well for example, I have been talking to this guy.  Today I decided to myself that I have been putting in way more effort than I should so I was going to let him contact me.  Well 8:00 pm rolls around and I have heard nothing from him.  When I do hear from him instead of a "hey, how have you been" or a "hi I haven't heard from you today is everything ok" I was hit with this:  "Well hope you had a wonderful day."  Really?  You are all sad because I didn't initiate contact with you today?  And that is how you choose to act?  Am I really going to be attracted to a guy who pouts when I don't contact him?  NOT AT ALL.  And honestly, it is of my opinion that the guy should be putting in the effort not me.  I would never act like that with someone I just started talking to.  I am all about equality, but I am not about to go chasing after anyone, much less someone that I am only luke warm interested in (more to come on that topic in the next few days).

What happened to you men?  I mean I know that you are trying to explore your sensitive sides and get in touch with your feelings.  That is all well in good, everyone needs balance right.?  What I do want is someone who can communicate like an adult.  Please don't send me any messages acting like I am the problem just because your feelings are hurt.  Don't text me calling me names and trying to make me feel bad because I called you out on your own bullshit.  Forget trying to embarrass me because you were caught up in your own lies. Men, stop acting like mitches!   To once again quote my favorite viral phenomenon Sweet Brown "ain't nobody got time for that."

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