Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Hipster

There seems to be a re-occurring pattern for me.  With my previous blog I used to to talk about the guys as I dated them.  However, now when I finally get the chance to write about the guys they have already been dismissed

So I have actually been meaning to write about the Hipster for awhile.  We started talking a few weeks ago. Unfortunately for him, I think we came to our crossroads last night.

Let's start from the beginning.  Like I said, the Hipster and I have been talking the past few weeks.  I liked him from the beginning because he was different.  And I mean really different.  He likes alternative music and his favorite sport his hockey.  I mean like season tickets.  Oh did I mention he is black?  He is cute, not too tall, but taller than me.  He currently works giving tour guides at the Capitol.  He has a son from a previous relationship (he was engaged at one point).  And he is currently saving up money to go to culinary school.

We ended up meeting up a few weeks ago.  Our location was Busboys and Poets.  It was a great location.  I had never been to this particular one so I was excited.  We ordered some drinks, shared some hummus, and it was a good time.  The conversation was good and seemed to flow pretty well.  Then we decided to take a little tour of DC and ended up grabbing a few drinks at a bar.  Overall the night seemed good and I was interested in seeing him again.

So the next day he asked me if I was available, which I was not.  In fact, I had pushed my scheduled around to see him the night before only because I knew that my weekend was going to be pretty packed.  Eventually I agreed that we could meet somewhere after my previous plans were over.  He suggested Dave and Busters in Rockville which I agreed to.  Now to those who don't know the area, Rockville is at least 40 minutes from my house but probably only about 30 minutes from where my plans were.  However, then he asked me if I could pick him up.  Now, I am not opposed to driving because I live far from most places, but picking him up was out of the question.  I was on one side of DC he lived on the completely other side, he wanted me to pick him up, drive to Dave and Busters (which is closer to the side of DC I was already on), and then take him home after, then I would still have to drive home, all so he wouldn't have to spend time looking for a parking spot when he got back to his parking garage.  I tried to explain how this was a terrible idea, but he was on the other line.  So I went to my dinner plans, and then I look at my phone and saw that he had called me and then texted me a message saying "I knew you weren't going to pick up."  Now if you read my previous post of "The Rise of the Mitches", you should know that that is a very mitch move right there.  Needless to say my dinner ran long and he was asleep when I called him.

So I would say from there my opinion went sour.  But I decided to keep him around because I was trying to give him a chance and I thought maybe we could just be friends regardless.  Bad move.  I began the week out by asking if he wanted to meet up sometime during the week or just wait until next weekend because I knew that during this weekend I had plans all weekend and he was moving during the weekend.  I said fine.  Although I was a little irritated because I felt like he wasn't busy during the week and if you want to see someone you make an effort, but oh well.

One day that week I had made plans with my cousin.  While I was waiting for her I decided to text him to see what he was up to.  He said he was cooking chili, one of my favs, to which I told him.  Then he said I should stop by and pick some up.  To which I told him that I had plans.  Then he asked me if I was on a date.  I don't care that he asked, I think it was pretty bold of him actually.  But it really wasn't any of his business, especially when he didn't want to make plans with me in the first place.  And it just proved my point that he was free during the week and just being lazy.

But his inaction got me to thinking.  Why am I putting in effort with someone I am lukewarm about.  So I decided I was not going to text him for a day to see what happened.  I mean honestly in the grand scheme of things, men should be doing the courting, not the women.  That's when he texted me something smart about not texting him.  I mean really?  Another mitch move.

The other thing that bothered me, that is he a self proclaimed hipster.  First off, I don't think a true hipster would even call themselves a hipster.  Second, hipsters are the most douche bag  people on the planet!  They dress different, listen to different music,  and watch different movies all in an effort to try to be different.   In their efforts they act like they are better than everyone else who doesn't subscribe to their "different" mantra.  In reality, all these different people together really aren't truly different so the whole thing is just stupid.  I am all for having your own unique style, but if you style looks just like everyone else's then it is not different is it?  Also, I like all types of music and movies, this doesn't mean that there is is something wrong with me for liking mainstream stuff as well.

Despite all this the thing that really bothered me was his attitude.  He just complained too much and seemed way too self absorbed.  On our date I found out that his birthday was a few days off from my ex.  Which explains a lot about the self-absorbed trait of geminis.  Anyway, for the past two weeks I heard nothing but his complaining about moving.  Dude, you are downsizing apartments to save for school.  Moving sucks yes, but get over it.  At least you have an apartment!  I just couldn't take it.  I can be moody and a debbie downer myself, but I really try to make the effort not to be.  With him, I think he was just hell bent in being in a bad mood and talking about nothing but himself.  Even the fact that he had some issues with substance abuse in the past (which I feel are still are an issue) didn't bother me.  But I just can't deal with the complaining, especially from a guy.

Yesterday, he ended up attacking me saying that I put up walls and that I need a break from dating to heal from my previous relationship.  I am not denying any of that he might have a point, but he was the reason it wasn't getting any further not me.  Peace out Hipster!

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