Monday, August 13, 2012

The Dream Giver

A few posts ago I mentioned that I am reading The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson.  I am not done reading it yet, but I thought I would share some insight.  The book starts with a parable about a person named Ordinary.  Ordinary one day has a Big Dream and decides to accomplish it, but there are many attempted blockages in his path.  As simple as this parable is it is a spot on interpretation of the what happens when one tries to pursue their own dreams.  You are faced with doubt, the unwillingness to leave your own comfort zone, and you find that even the people closest to you can try to stop you from your dreams, or as one friend said "people will try to punch holes in your happiness."

When I think about the things that I have wanted to do in life or maybe dreams I have had before it makes me wonder how often someone has tried to block my own dreams.  It is also makes me nervous.  Have I been the person to block other people's dreams?  I started thinking about this journey that I have decided to take to figure out  my purpose.  What if it is big, hard, unusual?  Will people then start to block my dreams?  Maybe some people wonder why I am even trying to figure out my purpose now.  I am sure people question my relationship with God and my beliefs.  Some people might think that I am a bible thumper, and other people might think that I am a sad excuse for a Christian.  I guess it is scary to think that when I figure out what it is that I am supposed to be doing if I will have the strength and the courage to not just be a Somebody and to leave the Land of Familiar and step out on faith?


  1. So much to process on a Monday haha. I've said the same things myself but mostly it's me that blocks myself from my own dreams. Sigh. It's a lot of work to follow your dreams and someone's very risky. But what's worse is the "what if.." question that is followed sometimes by regret

  2. I agree. I have always been scared of not realizing my true potential and letting people down. It is a big burden to face.


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