Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting Myself Together

Since my most recent contract job ended last week, I realized that I need to get my life together.  I need to clean up my room, apply to jobs, and workout.  For this post I am going to focus on the later.

I have really let myself go.  I have been eating anything and everything.  Normally this is not as bad if I am working out, but that has fallen off too.  I step on the scale every morning.  I have noticed the steady increase.  It is now at the point where I said that I would never be.  Don't worry, I am not back at my original heaviest weight, but if I proceed in the same manner as I am now I will be soon enough.

Not to mention I feel terrible.  My clothes feel almost uncomfortably tight.  I am starting to feel bloated and gross.  And quite frankly not being where I should be, just makes me feel unattractive.  As much as I like going out and meeting people at the same time I feel a little unnerved because I am not at my best.  I know from experience that whatever mood that you are in, you will be projecting that mood out into the universe.

BUT have no fear I went to the gym this morning.  It was very very painful.  Do you know what it feels like to the gym that first day after not having gone for awhile?  IT SUCKS!  Plus, I always get so self-conscience in the gym.  I feel like everyone is looking at me funny.  I have some breathing issues, especially when I am working out.  And you know when you put on headphones you have no idea about how hard you are breathing, I am convinced that the people on the machines next to me think that I am going to die.  My friends always tell me to get over it, but it is always in the back of my mind.

I have decided that today is the time to get it back together.  No waiting until the holidays, heck, no waiting until December 1st.  Now I just need to figure out when my next vacation is so I have something to show off my svelte figure in a few months :)

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