Monday, November 26, 2012

Am I Invisible?

This weekend one of my girls and I went out.  I was excited because I hadn't been out out in awhile.  I was single and ready to mingle!  However, at some point in the evening  my excitement dwindled.

You see I have noticed this occurrence happen more and more.  Why do men who are interested in my friends try to use me as a conduit?  I mean seriously!  It happened to me at least three times in one night.  The first guy even tried to befriend me and buy me drinks only to ask me if he thought that he had a chance with my friend.  Sir, please don't talk to me all night to try to get my friend!  But then after this one guy, more guys decided to tell me that my friend was hot.  What a slap in the face!  It made me wonder if I am invisible?

Is this the new normal?  I mean is that what's hot on in the streets, for me to do your work for you?  NO THANKS!  To me it seems kind of cowardly to come up to me to talk about my friend. If you are interested in someone shouldn't you just go up to them directly? Also it's just kind of rude.  I felt like the ugly stepchild all night and I know that I am far from ugly.  I am fabulous!

My cousin asked me if I was jealous of the attention.  Maybe a little.  But overall I was just irritated.  I went out to enjoy myself and meet people, not to serve as my friend's wing man for the entire night, but that point I will save for another post.

So the moral of the story is:  Men if you are interested in my friend please just go ahead and tell my friend not me.  Thanks!

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