Sunday, January 5, 2014

My New Year Cleanse in Review

This year I decided I would start the new year off with a cleanse.  I mean why not?  I had been eating as if I was having my last meal before death row, each meal.  And exercise was non-existent.  I kept imagining that because of all the eating I was going to sound like Biggie Smalls while I was on the elliptical.  So yeah, I started a cleanse January 1st.

I had wanted to do a cleanse for awhile.  I had been researching different ones for the past few weeks.  I came across this Dr. Oz.  I mean they really had me at Dr. Oz, how can you not trust that man?!?!  Anyway, I also liked the fact that it consisted of smoothies and that is was only three days.  I figured it would be worth the experiment and I would be done by the weekend.


I followed the instructions almost perfectly:
They said that this only cost $16 dollars a day.  NOT TRUE.  In fact I feel that sweat beads were about to drop from my eyes as I was at the grocery store.  I feel like I should have made some substitutions, but I was already too far in to turn back.  Also, by spending as much as a small fortune I felt like it also forced me to follow through.



Drinking tea in the morning.  It is normally what I have anyway.  Although I just stuck to Splenda so I could save on the costs.

The morning drink was not bad.  I foolishly thought that this was going to be an easy few days...


I felt like it took me at least 20 minutes of prep time for this drink.  The taste...interesting.  I am not the biggest celery nor cucumber fan.  And something didn't blend well so I felt like I was drinking and chewing.  That feeling is not one I would like to experience again.  It yielded a lot so I had leftovers which I was going to use as my snack.


I skipped having the snack drink.  All day I pretty much felt terrible.  I was tired and had a headache.  I read that these are symptoms of cleanses, I just didn't realize it would happen so fast.  I was basically useless most of the day yesterday, but at least I have seen every episode of ABC Family's Ravenswood...


I might have waited a little to long to make this past drink.  I just kind of ran out of energy.  This drink was interesting.  I was unsure if I liked it or not.  I love spicy things, but I think I have not mastered the strong liking of spicy drinks.  But this was way better than the lunch drink.

I didn't take the Epsom salt bath because my bathroom only has a shower.

I went to sleep feeling much better than during the day.  One day down.


I woke up feeling very refreshed.  Also felt much lighter.  My aunt asked me if I had been pooping all day umm no lol.

I had the breakfast drink.  It was good, maybe I liked it even better than the yesterday.

For lunch I had my leftover drink from yesterday.  It is still gross.  Perhaps even worse than yesterday.  I am slowly sucking it down.  Even if I drink 10,000 gallons of water it will not cure the taste of this thing.  Tomorrow I think I will have less celery and more pineapple. Actually maybe less of everything.

Dinner drink was good.  I think I put less cayenne pepper in this time so it was very refreshing (yesterday I had a mishap with the pepper).

I had trouble falling asleep last night too.  And I was starting to crave foods, but maybe because I was on Pinterest for hours lol.


The end is near!  I woke up with a headache.  I made my morning drink and the headache is worse.  I think I might need a morning nap.  Morning drink was good as usual.  It also was snowing and I couldn't leave the house so I knew I had to put something together.

Lunch drink.  YUCK.  I tried to alter the recipe and it was even more chunky.  I drank about 5 sips and threw it out.  I then decided to break my cleanse because I was starving.  I ate chips and they were delicious!

OVERALL-  It was an interesting experience.  I think I could do a cleanse again but never again that Dr. Oz one, the lunch drink is just too disgusting.  I also lost 7 lbs, which I am sure that I gained back this weekend with my bad food lol.  It's ok I will be back on it tomorrow :)

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