Thursday, January 2, 2014

Society of Mean

When did we become the society of mean?  When did we stop caring about others feelings and start caring only about our own opinions?  Was it when Al Gore invented the internet?  Or maybe it has always been around but not as bad.

Let me introduce you to a concept that I have termed "internet balls".  Definition?  Internet balls is a noun but can also be used as an adjective to describe when one talks a lot of shit online but would never say the same things they said to someone in person.  For example, you know when there is an article or a picture posted online and there are those negative most obscene posters, yes, they have internet balls.

It is if people think that they because they have the opportunity to comment that they should.  It is the hold other people to a higher standard than they hold for themselves.  It is like they feel comfortable spewing hatred and meanness that they would not even say to their mothers.

But it doesn't just stop on the internet.  No, I know some people who say they most vile things about people that they call friends.  They tear down those in their inner circles, behind their backs mind you, insulting them on their skin, hair, makeup clothes, and intelligence.  And most of the time the insulters wouldn't think twice about their comments unless they were checked by someone else.

But why have we become this society of mean?  Is it possible that we are projecting out our fears and anxieties on others?  Perhaps if we insult others we can prevent people from confronting us about our own flaws?  Or maybe just maybe it makes us feel better to know that others share in our own misery.  Either way, let's make a 2014 let us turn our negativity into positivity!

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