Friday, January 31, 2014

Sexual Objectification

I am a woman.  
I am a black woman.  
I am a beautiful black woman.  
But I am NOT your sexual object.
I am not your toy.
I am not your play thing.
I refuse to live in your black barbie world.  
I was not put on this earth to swivel my hips and lick my lips for your own bemusement.   
I am not as your sweetie.  
I will not fulfill your exotic chick desires.

I have hopes.
I have dreams.
I have fears.
I have thoughts.
I want to change the world.
But you don't care about that do you?

All you care about is a donkey booty vs. a stallion booty.
You like my curly hair.
You like the color of my skin.
You like the way my eyes look in the light.

You tell me you want to take me home but you barely even know my first name.
And when I ask you to stop referring me to as sexy you still do it anyway...
You don't care about if I could be Mrs. Right.
You just want me for tonight.

You have a mother.
You have a sister.
You have a daughter.
Would you call her a slut or a whore?
Would you allow someone to treat them the way that you treat me?

When while you stop thinking of me as the next notch on your belt?
When can I stop being known for my ASSets and become appreciate for my assets.
When can I be just a human being?
I just want to be me.

----- Di Mo

Now check out this video which sums up sexual objectification and the problems that result from it.  Has some strong language so might not be NSFW!

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