Thursday, December 26, 2013


For the past few months I have been deep in thought about my new year's goals/resolutions/bucket list.  It was a few weeks ago when I started piecing it together by beginning my vision board.  Don't judge it's sparseness now.  I took this picture at the beginning and I have since added to it, although I still have some work to do.

But as we get closer to New Year's Eve I am starting to get more and more ideas on how I want 2014 to look.  Last year I called my resolutions "goals".  My goals fell into 5 categories:  body, mind, spirit, love, and general (the catch all one).  And under each category I had several goals.  This year I thought that I might have one list with just 5 or 10 goals, perhaps a couple from each category.  But I then I felt as if I wanted to have one big long list.  My friend advised me a long list of new year's resolutions seems more like a bucket list then actually resolutions.  I think she has a point.   When I fleshed it out a bit I started thinking that resolutions are more like action statements not just a list of things on a list.

And there is this idea of a theme.  I read this article from the Huffington Post a few days ago.  It suggested that having a new year's theme was more effective than multiple resolutions.  Suddenly everything kind of clicked.  My New Year's Theme for 2014 is Movement.

For me, movement is not just about exercising and losing weight.  It goes so much further than that.  Movement is about this constant state of moving forward in life.  For me it is about moving into a new job.  It is about my moving into my own place.  It is about my moving forward in my spiritual journey.  And it is about moving on past my old hurts and my old loves.  The days of being stagnant are in the past, it is time for movement.

So I haven't totally given up the idea of having resolutions.  I will probably limit it to 10 or so.  But now I know that they will all support my theme of movement in 2014.  Because I can't really afford to stay in the same place for another year.  MOVEMENT 2014!

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