Friday, December 6, 2013

Who's Going to Fight for Me

This post is inspired by a conversation I had with one of my BFFs last night when I really should have been asleep but I was wired from a late night workout and watching the show Scandal (if you watch the show I am sure that you can relate to Scandal-induced insomnia).  Anyway, in our conversation I was talking about a person who I was recently seeing.  I will the divulge the details of why we parted ways to protect his privacy. I was reflecting on some of my unresolved thoughts and feelings and how I didn't feel enough closure. By the end of the conversation I noticed a pattern in my past relationships.  I always feel a longing for a sense of closure, aka being able to say everything that I didn't like about the relationship veiled as a way of preventing the person who I was dating from making the same mistakes with someone else.  But I know even if I said everything I wanted to, it wouldn't make myself feel any better.  But by the end of this conversation I thought maybe there is an equally important point that I am missing.  I began asking myself who's going to fight for me?

Let me further explain this question.  I have long championed myself as being a fighter.  I still remember writing my law school admissions essay comparing myself to Muhammad Ali and my passion of fighting for others.  My commitment to public service is a reflection of my fighter status.  I fight for my friends, I fight for my family, I fight for my opinions and for my beliefs.

But at the end of the day being a fighter is lonely.  Sometimes I get tired of fighting.  Sometimes I wish life were like the WWE where I could tag someone else in so that I can take a break.  Sometimes, I just want someone to fight for me like I fight for them.

Who's going to fight for me?  This is the question that I often ask myself at the end of a relationship.  So often I feel like every relationship fades with little effort from my other half.  Me, I will fight until I am exhausted when I feel like it is the right thing to fight for.  But for those who I have dated, few if any, have actually fought to make the relationship work.  While I should take it as a reflection of them, I instead internalize their lack of urgency.  It makes me feel that maybe I am not worthy of someone fighting for.  I began to question if there is something wrong with me.  Did they not realize that I am not a hard rock but really a gem?  Did they not understand this fabulousness that they were letting go?

I might be temporarily phased but I am never down for too long.  Those others didn't want to fight for me, and that is a blessing for me.  I know that there is someone out there who will fight for me, I just need to be patient, I just need to remain faithful.

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  1. You are definitely worth fighting for. Those guys probably did not value the relationship potential. I think many women focus on the potential of a relationship with a guy whereas many guys seem to just enjoy the relationship for what it is at the time being. Don't give up; stay patient and faithful that the right man who shares your vision will cross your path...sooner than you think! :)


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