Saturday, April 27, 2013

Changes are on the Horizon

One of my readers, who shall remain nameless, wanted to know what is making me smile.  To be honest, it is the power of God.

For the past few weeks/months I have felt a stirring in my spirit.  Throughout this ongoing 2+ year storm I have remained faithful and believed that God will supply all of my needs.  At times I have been down but my hope has not wavered and I certainly have never given up.

The past few weeks have felt like puzzle pieces.  It as if God has given me a puzzle piece along the way.  By itself one puzzle piece doesn't make sense, but now I am starting to put those pieces together.  I don't have it all figured it out yet but I am getting there.

I know this all seems very vague, which I understand.  It is a kind of feeling that is hard to describe.  But there have been some tangible changes that maybe will help in my explanation.  As I have been going through this transformation of sorts, I attended my friend's church's women's conference called Beautiful You.  It was a two day conference where women from around the DC area unite in their love of God.  There were various workshops and activities throughout those two days.  It warmed my heart to see so many women together of different generations and ethnicities together in an auditorium sharing the word of God.  It was so refreshing for me to cry and praise and do all those things that are in my heart among my fellow women.  I was so touched to be with my friends and their family.  But what really made this experience great was having my mom with me.

If you know anything through this blog it is that I love my mom, but sometimes she drives me nuts! I had debated for the past few months whether I was going to go and whether I was going to take my mom.  I wanted her to come, I just didn't know if it would be too much for her to handle.  So the week before I decided that I was going to go and take my mom.  My mom had such a great time!  She thanked me repeatedly that day for bringing her and said how much she enjoyed herself.  She decided that she wanted to come next year and she was thinking of other people who we could bring.  My mom may not be the woman she used to be, but seeing her excited to go to church or church activities makes me happy.

Anyway, from this conference I realized that it was time for me to really put some things into action.  I realized that there was a reason why I went to this conference at this time in my life.  It was time to come into my purpose and carry out God's commands.  I realized that both personally, professionally,  and spiritually I need to work on self improvement. I feel that I have had a lot of thoughts and a kind of half plan but I have not totally follow through with it.  Now is the time to step my game up!

So all of this goes to say that I am smiling because changes are on the horizon. I am starting to get interviews again after long lull.  I feel like God is taking some people out of my life who needed to be removed in order for me to focus more on God and my purpose.  But overall, I am smiling because I feel better than I have in awhile.  I might not be where I want to be but I am better off than where I was.  I am smiling because I feel that God is using me for greatness.  I am smiling because I can be a light for others because I am on the cusp of a breakthrough.  I am smiling because very soon I am going to have the most awesome testimony to share.  And I can't wait to share it with everyone.

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