Sunday, April 7, 2013

Is Your Breakdown Really Your Breakthrough?

This wasn't exactly the sermon from church today, but it was a message that really resonated with me the most.  You see, I have been having an exceptionally good week.  Yes, I might have few of my dating prospects this week.  However, as far as my financials and finding a job I think that I am having a breakthrough.  And this is exceptional because for awhile it felt as if I was having one long breakdown.

I cried a lot in church today.  I mean I usually cry in church every week.  I haven't quite figured out why, but I think it has to do with that is when I feel the most humbled by the work that God has done in my life. But today my tears weren't for me, they were for others that are in the storm.  I am not sure that I have ever felt so closely connected to people that I don't know than I did in church this morning.  I felt their pain because their pain is real, just like my own pain.

I have written about it a few times before, but I have teetered on the edge of giving up more than I would like to admit.  There have definitely been moments in my life, as I am sure there have been in yours, where you are having a breakdown.  Where you feel like you might not have to the strength to take on one more thing.  But today in the pastor said that there is a nexus between a breakthrough and a breakdown.  That when you are descending into your breakdown it is really leading you closer to your breakthrough.  And to this I cannot agree more.

I know a lot of my friends and family are struggling out there.  If you think about it really everyone has their own burdens and worries.  You might become frustrated because change is not happening quick enough or not at all, but it is a process and we need to remember to have patience, even if it is with ourselves.  But I think that we, myself included, need to remember when we are shaky ground that is when we need to lean into God more.  Are faith has to grow when we are in our darkest hour.  So I guess my point of writing this is to say don't give up.  To quote the movie the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel," Everything will be fine in the end....  if it's not alright then it's not yet the end."

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