Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shred Update #4

Wow I have been doing the Shred Diet for four weeks!  I only have two weeks to go, at least for this round :)  I hate to disappoint.  I didn't lose this week, I actually gained .2 (I know it is like nothing).  But do no fret I am not upset.  I often go up and down and .2 is really hardly anything.  I do have a confession as hard as I tried to stay good while eating Easter dinner I did stray just a little bit off of the path.

Other than that the diet has been ok.  I am starting to fantasizing about all the foods that I can't have but I overall I think I have been handling everything pretty well.  I have noticed that my clothes are starting to feel normal again so that is an excellent feeling!  I am looking forward to buying new clothes since spring is around the corner.

Stay tuned for how I did for week 5 :)

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