Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Different Way of Thinking

So I am not sure why but I keep delaying reading the last chapter of my Purpose Driven Life.  I have enjoyed this journey so much that I don't want it to end.  The good thing is, that just reading a book for 40 days will not complete my journey because the quest for eternal life is, well, eternal.

Over the past 40 plus days the way I think has changed.  I guess in actuality it has been gradually changing for the past few years since I have been working on building my relationship with God.  But I have definitely noticed more of a change recently.  I believe it to be a good change, although I don't think there is really a value associated with it, it is just different.

Different how?  Well for one I find myself talking to others about God and religion more than ever.  I think maybe I didn't before because I did not have enough knowledge to speak on the subject.  But as I have learned I feel more comfortable sharing.  In addition, I realized that it is ok to talk about it.  Just because I consider myself to be spiritual and I talk about God to people who do not feel the same way or who may not be Christian it doesn't mean that I can't have the conversation.  I used to be so worried about being a bible thumper, aka one of those people who rams religion down your throat, that I tried to discuss it.   But what I have noticed that my spirituality is such an important aspect in my life.  It shapes who I am and the reason why I behave the way I do.

Now, I invite friends to attend church services with me on a regular basis.  I don't do this because I get recruitment points or because I want people to notice that I have brought a friend.  No, I do it because I love my church so much.  I feel so full and nourished each Sunday after I go to church.  I feel very unbalanced if I skip a week.  I look forward to getting up and going.  A few years ago I felt like it was a chore.  I invite people to church and I talk about my spiritual journey because I want everyone else to feel just as excited as I do.  It is like being in love, you want everyone else to be in love too so they can share your happiness.

I also have this unmistakable feeling that while I only life once, my purpose is beyond the day to day grind.  I feel like I have this higher understanding, but only a glimpse into how it all fits together.  Just think about it.  Have you been stressing and worrying about how/if things will work out and how it all seems to work itself out? Have you ever thought about the people in your life?  How sometimes it seems like certain people have come into your life for a certain reason?  I have had conversations with friends about our unlikely friendships that turn into strong bonds beyond imagination.  Or to have a connection with friends that is deeper than just a friendship level but more of a friendship status.  All of us and our purposes are walking around and although we may seem like individuals we are all interconnected in ways that we will probably never realize.  This makes me want to work even harder to serve God.  It also makes me confirm that my purpose of helping others may not be directly connected to my career.  It is because helping doesn't have to always have to be some big grandiose notion.  We have no idea how much we can influence others and make a difference.

So if you haven't taken the step toward your own spiritual journey regardless of your religion, your beliefs, or whatever, I encourage you to do the same.  I am sure that the process will be a change of discovery that is worth your while :)

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