Friday, September 7, 2012

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Maybe because of my lack of sleep from the week or my usual stress I decided that today I needed to see a movie that would make me cry.  I picked Beasts of the Southern Wild.   I picked a winner because I cried the ENTIRE time.

Without giving too much away, we view the movie in the eyes of a little black girl probably around 6 years old named Hushpuppy.  Hushpuppy lives in a town in Louisiana that is very near the levees.    She is also being raised by her father who from all appearances is an alcoholic.  A big storm comes flooding their town, and those that are left band together to survive.

So many of the themes of the movie struck a nerve with me.  I was in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina.  I remember being glued to the tv for hours feeling so helpless that I could not be of more help to others that were just an hour away from me.  Having Hurricane Isaac hit this same community on the anniversary of Katrina, the feelings and thoughts are still so fresh in our memories.  I felt sympathy with the the issues of the absence of a parent and death.  I was struck by the sense of community within an area that was mostly ignored.  And most of all it reminds me that strength can come at any age and that we are strong enough to endure many things.

I think I needed to see this movie today to remind me that I am still here and that I need to keep carrying on. I might feel like my situation is bleak and there is no end in sight, but there is hope.  The importance of this movie was to remind me of my past but propel me into my future for helping others and continuing in service to others.

I know it is a little film that you probably never have heard of before, but please take the time to check this one out.  I guarantee that it will have an impact on you.

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