Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kids R Us

We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body.

There is something that tugs at my heart strings when I watch children.  When children are laughing and playing and smiling there is just something magical about them.  They seem so content, oblivious on all the dangers awaiting them around the block or as they enter adulthood.  As children we were tireless and fearless.  We could play for hours upon hours, only returning home when the street light came on in front of our house.  There was no sense of worry as a child.  We didn't lose sleep at night wondering how we would pay for our bills and if we would be single for over.  So what point in our lives do we lose that child-like innocence   And how do we get it back?

Throughout my life I have been told that I act silly.  It is one of my characteristics that I am truly proud of.  Despite sometimes feeling down or having great burdens on my shoulders I try to stay positive.  I try to enjoy  life and laugh as much as possible.  Some people may think that I am too silly, but I don't think that there is such a thing.  It is not as if I walk around in a clown suit all day putting whoopee cushions on chairs (remember those).  Some people think being silly shows a lack of maturity, but I disagree.

I think that adults have become to serious.  We need to get back to having that child-like mentality.  And if we do maybe, just maybe, it will change our lives.  I mean when was the point that we were no longer allowed to be silly?  Is it when we turn 18?  Do we have to give up our silly card and instead take the maturity card?  I mean honestly, we discount the qualities of children because we think are too young to have any knowledge, but maybe they have the secrets.

Just think about it.  Children can often be the most authentic people you will meet.  They are honest will tell you everything they know and are thinking.  They are inquisitive and can ask you question after question.  Many times they have a gift of discernment and know a person's heart when we as adults may not. Children can be creative.  They draw outside of the lines, make up new words, and can tell stories for days.  Kids can be self entertaining, despite the omnipresence of technology.  More times you will find that children are more polite than adults.  At church we talk about children being called by God at young ages.  And that laughter, there is nothing quite like hearing a child laugh.  

Maybe instead of dismissing them, we should embrace some of these qualities ourselves.  For today do something child-like and see if it makes a difference.

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