Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shred Update #2

I started Week 3 of the Shred Diet on Monday.  I must say that I was a little disappointed.  I gained a pound!  I know that is not much but I am not trying to go in the opposite direction.  Having done the up and down thing on Weight Watchers for many years I know that this is only temporary.  Plus it is that time of the month (sorry guys) and we all know what that does for weight gain.  Don't worry I am not giving up folks!  I am going to get through the six weeks.  I think I am actually do it again right after because I need to get right for the summer :)

How do I feel after week 2?  Pretty good!  It is nice to know that I am eating healthier.  I am actually digging the smoothies.  I always liked them I just hate cleaning the blender, but I am used to it now.  I also introduced protein shakes last week.  They are not so bad either.  I can see a change in my body.  I see my collar bone come back!  This might be a big deal to you, but for many years I could never see it. haha

This week is a little harder.  I think that they actually say that this is the hardest week (although I think the cleanse week is probably the hardest).  It will be a lot of smoothies, protein shakes, and soups.  So far so good.  And the other good thing, my friends started the diet this week.  It is nice to have some friends doing it, although I wish they would have started when I started lol.

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