Thursday, March 14, 2013

Walking the Tightrope

I often find myself walking on this tightrope several feet in the air.  I'm constantly balancing, constantly trying not to fall, trying not to fail, but I always manage to hang on, barely.

My life is a tightrope.  My family, friends, acquaintances all serve as my audience below.  At times I feel like I am the subject of their awe or the epitome of their ridicule.

I am often trying to juggle my thoughts, my feelings, my needs, my wants with that of others.   I'm tired, I'm frustrated, and I just want to get off this tightrope.

But I stay on.  I stay strong.  I see the other side and I know with time I will get there.  And eventually I will be able to say that I made it through, that I survived.  I will be able to tell my story to someone else and maybe they will brave their own tightrope.

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